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What is Wealth?

wealth definition

Wealth is the profusion of useful financial possessions and assets which can be taken into a form basically for transactions. It involves the origination from an old English word weal which is gotten from an indo-European word, stem. 

The modernized idea of wealth is of importance in all fields of economics, and so for growth economics and development economics, although the definition of wealth is context-reliant. A person holding an abundant net worth is identified as WEALTHYNet worth is the present cost of one’s assets, fewer liabilities.

At the most utmost overall level, statisticians describe wealth as “anything of value” that captures the subjective nature of the notion and the notion that it is not a fixed concept. Numerous definitions and thoughts of wealth have been said by multiple persons and in diverse contexts. Explaining the term wealth can be a regulating process with many moral connotations considering money maximization is regarded as an aim or is deemed to be a standardizing system of its own. 

All Societies and countries which possess an abundance of resources for the benefit of the common good are termed WEALTHY.

The united nations define inclusive wealth as a monetary measure which involves the total natural, physical and human assets. Natural capitals are forests, land, forests and energy resources, alongside with minerals, and the term Human capital is the people’s education and skills. Manufactured or Physical capital involves infrastructures, buildings, and machinery.

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