What is a Name?

name definition

A personal name is a word or words used in identifying a person or an individual, such as “Blessing” “Donald” or “Hillary”. It is traditional for people or individuals to have a personal name {also known as “first name“} and the last name {also known as “family name” or “surname” because it is shared amongst me, same family members. Middle names, however, are used by quite a several people. Middle names, however, are used by a lot of individuals as a third identifier, and it can be accepted for personal reasons such as relationships, maiden names (which was once a widespread practice in the united states), and to continue names of family.

A well-known practice in most countries is a patronym, whereby a component of a personal name is dependent on the given name of one’s father. Also, an unknown practice in states and countries is matronym, whereby a component of a personal name is dependent on the given name of one’s mother. 

The system of the use of middle names dates back to ancient Rome. It was known for members of the elite to have a personal name (praenomen), a nomen (a family name, not correctly used as the way middle names are used today). And a cognomen (a name symbolising a personal or individual character or traits, or the specific branch of a person family). However, middle names ultimately dropped out of being used, but became popular and commonly used in Europe during the nineteenth century.

Besides first, middle, and last names, people also tend to have nicknamesaliases, or titles. Although nicknames are informal names used by family and friends to point to a person.

(“Dave” be used as a short term of the personal name “David”), individuals may decide to use an alias, or a nick or fake name instead of his/her real name, to protect, hide or obscure their identity. Titles are designated to people in an institution or profession (Royal family uses terms like KingQueen, Duke, and Duchess to represent their authority and positions to the throne). 

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